Shower Curtain Rings

Shower curtain rings are one of the most commonly associated pieces of hardware related to the shower curtain. They provide an important functional aspect in serving as a medium between the shower curtain rod and the curtain, as well as providing a wide array of different styling possibilities to the

Plastic Shower Curtain Designs that are Functional and Eco-friendly

Plastic shower curtain designs are among one of the most commonly used shower curtain styles. The plastic, or vinyl material has been the most prevalent material in the world of shower curtains for decades. The main reason for the immense popularity of vinyl as it pertains to shower curtains is

Fish Shower Curtain Designs – Not Just for Children Anymore

Fish shower curtain designs are a staple among bathroom decor. These long-time favorites bring the enchantment of undersea life into the bathroom through a variety of different designs and styles. Whether you are looking to bring some vibrant colors and comforting scenery to your bathroom theme, or are simply looking

Beautiful Shower Curtains Can Drastically Transform Your Bathroom Theme

Beautiful shower curtains are unfortunately, a commonly overlooked accessory for the bathroom that do not get the recognition they deserve in terms of how drastically they can transform a theme. For bathrooms that have compatible shower curtain stalls, a shower curtain is among one of the most dominant accessories within